Welcome to MDM

EMP has killed America’s electrical grid. The hospitals are closed, and the ambulances can’t move. How are you going to care for your family? Midwest Disaster Medical’s Austere Medic course will show you how.

Midwest Disaster Medical has been created to fill a need. Some forward-thinking people have concerns about the availability of medical care after a disaster. Currently there are several courses covering Tactical Medicine as well as Wilderness Medicine, and both of these areas of study are of interest to the individual concerned for medical care in less-than-ideal circumstances. However, many important areas of austere care are disregarded by both Tactical and Wilderness courses. Midwest Disaster Medical aims to provides training and instruction to cover that gap.


It is the goal of Midwest Disaster Medical to provide top-quality medical training for individuals and groups in an easy-to-understand manner. Instruction is aimed at adult learners and thus the style of instruction is relaxed, jargon-free and based on common sense.

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