Lights Out..The Movie!



If you have been involved in preparedness for any length of time, you will have heard of a book entitled “Lights Out” by David Crawford. If you haven’t perhaps you should check it out!

There has been some exciting news in the past few months: Lights Out is being made into a movie…Actually, a trilogy is planned! This project is exciting to us for a number of reasons. The producer of the film is NOT a Hollywood bigshot. His name is Travis Fox, and he’s a prepper.

Travis has already turned down full funding from a studio that wanted all the good guys to be “underpriviledged minorities” and the bad guys to be “racist whites,” and to add lots of explosions.

Unfortunately, there’s a catch. For Travis to make this movie the way it should be made, he needs help. Financial help -though if you live in Georgia he might accept some physical help!

This is not just a donation. You get SOMETHING for your contribution, beside the knowlege that you brought a great story to the screen. The contributor packages have some pretty decent items in them, especially at the higher contribution levels.

So help Lights Out come to the big screen. It just may change some minds about the importance of preparing for hard times.

Visit the Lights Out site here:




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