A class review from the boys at AR-15.com!

As mentioned in an earlier post, a few guys from AR-15.com attended the Austere Medic course. Someone was kind enough to point out the reviews they posted.

“Kuraki” wrote:  “I would recommend the Austere Medic by Midwest Disaster Medical to anyone worried about a disaster or collapse, and how they might obtain or provide medical care for their family/friends in such a situation.”

“BulletcatchR” said:  “I would highly recommend this class.”

“FMD” typed:  “I can and will recommend this class to anyone seeking more than basic first-aid/CPR/GSW class.  It’s not an EMT-B in a box, but I dare say most of us don’t need or want that.  As an expansion of what do do beyond pre-hospital care for a time when there may not BE a hospital, it’s an excellent beginning.”

These students provided a much more in-depth review of the course, which you can read here: http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_8_21/525427_Review_of_Midwest_Disaster_Medical___Austere_Medic_class.html


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